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Bodensee is the third largest lake in Europe. Its waves crash into the territories of Germany, Switzerland and Austria. It is one of the most popular and visited lakes in Europe. Every country that have a share of the lake offer numerous ways for relaxation and fun.

The first inhabitants around the shores of Lake Bodensee are the ancient Celts. The territories of today’s cities are built by the Romans, as Constance and Arbon. Today, the lake attracts incredible and beautiful character and views, which creates the surface of the water. Because of these views, one of the most common ways for tourists to see the wonderful nature around the lake is by bike. Among with lake waves you can discover the greatest treasures of the lake – Mainau, Lindau and Reichenau, beautiful and unforgettable islands.

Mainau island Mainau is really a real paradise featuring its warm climate and lush flora. The Germans refer to it as the “Island of Flowers”. Big rolefor the glory of Mainau plays Fyurst Nikolaus von Esterhazy, who as owner of the area plus a connoisseur of exotic flora, experimented and planted numerous tropical plants, such as palms and flowers. Through the years the owners of the island were numerous counts, kings, dukes… plus they all find a way to maintain the wealth of Mainau, adding new kinds of plants. These days if you go to the island many times throughout the warm seasons, every time you will discover the island diverse and blooming. You may also visit there the castle, built by the owners and also the church of St. Marywith its amazing garden.

Lindau Island Lindau has a long history – during the first century AD the Romans built their homes on the land of the island. In 1180 was built the first Christian church – the Church of St. Stephen’s, which today is among the main attractions of the island. Today Lindau attracts visitors with preserved medieval town. You can visit there the church of St. Peter, the entrance to the lighthouse and the Bavarian Lion, the cathedral “Unserer Lieben Frau”. A walk along the old streets will unlock the doors of the past and will lead you to the medieval reality.

Reichenau Island Reichenau is known for its unique architecture, which nowadays is protected by UNESCO. The monastery on the island is important for Christian culture, as in the past possessed a rich library and valuable manuscripts. Existing under the protection of the royal court, the meaning of Reichenau is enlightenment. The visitors can see paintings and miniatures in the churches of the monastery complex – “Mary and Mark”, “St. St. Peter and Paul” and “St. George”.

You’ll be able to consider a good rest and vacation if you check out Bodensee. The lake could make you relax and you may easily ignore your everyday problems and tasks. There are numerous places of interest and hotel; therefore it won’t be any issue for you to find lodging enjoys yourself. The water of Bodensee Lake will run through your veins as soon as you make it happen.

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