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About Crider Landscaping

We provide Service for Commercial and Residential Properties

Focused on Service, Quality, and Results

Crider Landscaping, is a service provider answering the needs of homeowners and businesses in Chattanooga. The company provides a range of services, and consulting enabling effective care for ones property.

Crider Landscaping, of Soddy Daisy. Tennessee is a full service property maintenance entity specializing in Property Maintenance, Landscape Design and Installations and Lighting. We offer many services related to the up keep of one’s property including holiday lighting, tree services, landscape design consultation and all stages of landscape construction. Our goal is to provide clients with maintenance free property solutions.

Our Standards of Service

Quality, Excellence, Respect, Responsibility

Core Values

Quality, Respect, Excellence and Responsibility – Our core values define the way we do business. These values will inspire and challenge us to create a company that measures success by both profit and the help we provide to homeowners and their properties.


We must meet and exceed industry standards every step of the way. To ensure quality we:

  • Create systems to ensure nothing is forgotten in our work processes
  • Provide the best service and continually look to improve
  • Hire the best team members and build on them through training.


We will strive to empower every individual in our organization. Empowerment demands responsibility. To be responsible we must be reliable, creative, confident and ready to accept challenges. We must always perform our daily tasks carefully and thoroughly, with our customers’ company’s and natures best interests in mind.


To be respectful is to be open, honest, and to behave with integrity. To be respectful we must consider how our actions affect others, inside and outside our company, now and in the future. Respect fosters cooperation and makes it easier for us to achieve our common goals.


Our pursuit of excellence leads us to new levels of professionalism. To be excellent, we must challenge ourselves to exceed the expectations of customers and investor/partners by striving to surpass our targets and continually improve results. We will strive for constant improvement. We may be pleased with our results, but never satisfied.



To give our clients an unsurpassed experience while partnering with them to increase the value and beauty of their property, all the while minimizing negative effects on the environment; and increasing the enjoyment of ownership of such properties.


To be recognized as experts in our industry, leaders in our market and the best land care company in our service areas.

Crider Landscaping incorporated in 2013; however, the story starts in 2001 when two brothers started a little business mowing lawns to be able to go on summer trips and buy their first vehicles. The brothers were 15 and 14 years old at the time and saved their money to go to college and to summer camps. They pushed their mower around the neighborhoods and eventually used an old farm truck to haul around their equipment.

While mowing lawns through high school and completing the highest honor with the Boy Scouts of America by taking on a major landscape project for a Church, John built and sold a successful landscape maintenance company and a tree care company. While all this was going on and John was learning from hands on experience he was also studying Entrepreneurship and Marketing at University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and where he graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science.

During this time there was a lot of education both formally and from hard knocks.

In 2013, John opened Crider Landscaping, and immediately was back working for some of his former clients that he served through high school and college Over the next few years John once again bootstrapped a business. John focuses on building systems and providing quality services to his clients.

After a bit of time struggling to understand where he fit in the marketplace, trying to be a provider to the masses, John realized that the business would better serve his clients, employees, and family better if he focused on quality and the customer experience. He realized that by providing a higher quality product he could do more for his employees and the community.

Here we are… 15+ years later and we service over a hundred clients each month and deliver landscape and lawn care solutions throughout Hamilton County.

As Crider Landscaping continues to grow and add more team members We look forward to what the future brings and strive to keep creating exceptional experiences for our clients, for our employees and for our community.

Whether we are mowing a lawn, trimming a tree, building a wall, install mulch, or answering phone calls and emails – we endeavor to create an experience that is so unique, so personal, and so different from other companies – an experience that it is unforgettable.