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Landscape Maintenance

Hamilton County Landscape Services

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Professional Lawn Services

At Crider Landscaping we provide our clients with professional lawn services, which are designed to meet the requirements of homeowners in Chattanooga.

Lawn Care or Lawn maintenance includes a broad range of activities from Mowing lawns, to aerating as well as fertilization. As a matter of fact Wikipedia covers 8 sub categories and 27 pages in relation to lawn care and maintenance. When trying to manage your lawn and garden maintenance on your own this can get confusing, frustrating and all out time-consuming.

Lawn Maintenance Services for Commercial and Residential Properties

Here at Crider Landscaping, we understand that lawn care is a broad subject and includes all different types of services. That is why we are a full service company. We are able to help you with all areas of lawn care, not just mowing the lawn like many “companies” only offer. Sometimes all you need is lawn mowing and we can help but if you want a truly beautiful lawn you have to understand all the different categories and methods available for you lawn care. Oh, and some of them may actually work and others, well they are just to sell more product.

Lawn Care Programs

We have three lawn care programs to choose from that will fit your budget and desires for your property maintenance.

MOW and GO – Lawn Care

Just as it sounds, this is our introductory and basic lawn service for Hixson. This service includes nothing more than the basics; scheduled lawn mowing, trimming, clean-up and then we are out of your hair. We will address any additional service concerns that we notice after bringing them to your attention. We are always looking for ways to help our clients.


This package is for families on the go. We maintain the major aspects of the property so you can spend more time with your family. From trimming the hedges to monitoring the irrigation system


This package is for the property owner that wants it all. We cover everything throughout the whole year so you do not have to.

Don’t want to lift a finger in your Landscape Maintenance? THEN DON’T!

We have it covered with this package. This is a great choice for our Commercial project managers that are looking for the best in their Commercial landscape maintenance services.

If you live or own a business in the Hixson, Soddy Daisy or North Chattanooga area and are in need of Lawn Care and maintenance services contact us for a free in person evaluation of your lawn care needs. Don’t deal with several different service providers to manage your lawn care, save time by working with one company.

Working with a fly by night company can have major implications on your property and potentially your well-being. Look over our list of questions you should ask a Landscaper and ultimately any contractor should be asked similar questions. We adhere to guidelines put in place by the state of TennesseeHamilton County and the city of Chattanooga.

When hiring a contractor remember to make sure you are dealing with a reputable one. This can prevent issues of failed insurance claims, lawsuits and in some cases tax implications. Unlicensed contractors can’t be held accountable and that’s why many times when people have bad experiences with contractors they generally find out after the fact that they were not licensed.

Check a Licensed Business This link will take you to our state registration for our LLC

Not just lawn care it’s land care

Land Care is more, its caring for the earth, sustainability practices, and land management. At Crider Landscaping, we believe that property maintenance should work with the environment; not against it.

Our Landscape Maintenance services are the backbone to our business, and the basis of our relationships with our clients. When you use Crider Landscape for your landscape maintenance and lawn service needs you save time and money.

We help you get the valuable weekend back to spend more time with your family and enjoy you landscape, not spending all weekend working on it. We allow you to do what you want to, not what you “have to-do”

Our Landscape Maintenance Process

We do not just come in mow the lawn and head to the next property on our route, this is common practice for many companies. We take time to get to know and understand both you and your property. We care for the landscape by mowing the lawn, evaluating any fertilizer or pruning needs as well as other landscape maintenance needs. We then make a recommendation to you to take the next steps in your land maintenance

When you work with Crider Landscaping, you are not hiring someone to “mow the lawn” you are working with a partner in you landscape maintenance needs.

Residential and Commercial Lawn Care for Hixson

Our Hixson lawn care team is capable of making your lawn the envy of the neighborhood while eliminating your need to be involved. With 3 different lawn care plans we are sure to meet your needs while keeping you in your budget. No longer will you miss your round of golf or leisure on the boat to tend to your lawn. Hixson lawn will give you your time back.

If you want a picturesque lawn in your backyard or near the backdrop of your office, you need to acquire professional lawn care services with highly trained crews. Crider Landscaping has mastered the art of lawn care in Chattanooga and guarantees plush green lawns that will transform your backyards. We have been in the industry for a long time and can help treat any brown spots, or lawn fungus you are dealing with.

A picturesque lawn can do wonders for the aesthetic appeal and overall value of your home. At Crider Landscaping we have years of experience in providing quality lawn care to homeowners and offer exceptional services as well as lawn care tips to our customers. If you have a lawn that needs sprucing up, we can provide you with quality grass seed and lawn fertilizer to make your lawn healthier and greener.

Organic Lawn Services

One of the main reasons why we are in high demand among homeowners in Chattanooga is because we provide organic lawn services. We have a natural lawn program that only uses natural and organic materials to help bring your lawn up to the standards you want. We have professional lawn care specialists who have years of experience in dealing with lawn fungus, bare patches, weeds, and spots.